Our Work

We here at Fat Hamster strive to deliver unique and creative solutions with no compromise to quality or execution. We'll just let our work speak for itself!.

Our Services

Throw us a bone, any bone! We'll turn it into a cotton candy castle filled with dinosaurs armed with lasers and mittens! With our working knowledge of multiple mediums we put your story at the forefront & focus on output, so you can just enjoy how crazy this looks!

2D Animation

From Traditional to Computer-aided 2D animation, whether it be a small promo clip or short film, we love to put your work in its most eclectic form. Our prior work spans short web-based promos to fully animated TV series.

3D Animation

The big daddy of all dimensions! Be it hyper-realistic – feature film level quality or the most abstract and unimaginable worlds never seen, we’ve got your back. Our prior work includes TV ads and product showcasing to feature film shots.


The oldest trick in the flip-book. The tantalizing and tangible world of stop-motion exudes creativity and guarantees you a product no other kid has on the block. Our prior work involved 2 seasons of a TV series

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Ever wonder what your world looks like via Hamster POV? Well, now you can and way WAY W A Y more! Although a relatively new medium, we are constantly pushing the boundaries to surprise even ourselves! Our prior work includes VR Amusement park rides, AR product displays, AR T-shirt experiences and much more!